Friday, June 28, 2013

Video Blog Update

Hello all

As it has been a while since most of my Youtube followers and watchers have heard from me, I just want to give you an update on the videos for the coming season.

Right, first of all, the promised Barcelona video. As you can tell, this didn't actually come to be. I was
The view from my seat in the Nou Camp.
Barcelona won 4-1

 planning on doing it but got caught up in sight seeing, and by the time I got to the Barcelona vs Malaga game, I was down to about 30% battery, given that I normally struggle with my phones with anything below 80%, it was never going to happen, at least not enough to make a decent video anyway. I would definitely recommend going to Barcelona though, it is an incredible city.

In future holidays I am planning on going to other major footballing cities, such as Milan or Munich, so I will aim to do a video based on these, although again, it all depends on battery levels again. Fortunately, I am going to try and combat those issues on videos from around England in the coming season by taking numerous filming equipment into grounds, such as my phone, a camera, and so on.

Onto pre-season friendlies. As it stands the only friendlies I am definitely heading to are the games at Lincoln United and Harrogate, with the possibility of Grantham also being there. I will be doing a video for any of the friendlies that I do go to. I am not going to any of the home friendlies though, so don't expect videos for any of those.

Finally, there is a possibility I will be moving to the Manchester area before the season starts, so obviously the videos will be a bit more difficult to do due to having no-one to talk to before getting to the grounds, but well see what happens and make do with what happens.

So until next time people, peace out.

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