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Why I hate your football club

Hello all

Recently I've been thinking about football clubs that I hate, and believe me there are quite a few, but I decided to share with you my reasons for hating some of those football clubs. The reasons range from small things that might have happened once, to things that I consistently hate about certain teams.

Please note that these are in no particular order of hate, they have been sorted into alphabetical order.


Now, I know most of you will look at this and automatically have an assumption as to why I hate them, but believe me, the fact that their safety came at the expense of our relegation is not the only reason......but one of them.

I was never overly keen on visiting Barnet in the first place, I never looked forward to it. The 2012 Olympics showcased London's beautiful points and the brilliant parts of the city, it's just a pity that they didn't show the other 99% of London, and Barnet certainly falls into that category. It's a shithole, it's nothing more than a glorified council estate on the edge of London. It takes a long time to get to on the tube and the only good thing about the actually place of Barnet is that you can park up for an entire day on a Saturday for just £1 which is a bit of a bargain.

Every year the same chavs were stood right next to the away end and often there were things thrown at the Lincoln fans and the incompetent stewards did nothing about it.
Barnet's Underhill - Home to Barnet FC (for now) and an
annual relegation battle

Then we get onto May 2011. I'm not going to lie, yes, us getting relegated instead of them pisses me off for the simple reason that every single year they survive at the expense of a team who is having their first true relegation battle season. The simple FACT is that they are consistently the worst side in League Two not to go down. Despite that, their fans consistently claim that they don't deserve to go down. Yes, they get enough points to survive every year, but they simply deserve to go down because they are consistently shit every season except for the final few weeks and then someone else goes down at their expense.

If it had been a case where they only struggled every once in a while then I wouldn't mind so much, but they don't. Every single year since they returned to the Football League in 2005 has seen them either near or in the relegation zone for pretty much the entire season and out of the 92 teams currently in the Football League, I would quite happily put money on them having the lowest points average per season in the Football League over the last 10 or so years.

Bradford City

FAO Bradford City fans - IN LEAGUE TWO THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BIG CLUB! You come from a big city, you're bound to get big crowds, stop pretending you're a big club because you're not.

Other than the fact they try to claim they're a big club, I don't really have much against Bradford, but clubs who claim to be a big side whilst in the lower leagues really piss me off (more on those later). Yes, you spent two years in the Premiership, whoopy-de-fucking-do, it doesn't make you a big club.

Bristol Rovers

I actually quite used to like Bristol Rovers but then the 2006/7 Playoffs happened. I had gotten on with their fans on various forums and on a trip to watch us play them towards the end of that season, I got talking to one of their fans in a hospital as one of my friends was getting an arm bandaged up. At the time they were in the midtable region and were effectively already on holiday......then they won pretty much every single game after that.

Bristol Rovers - In a six year stint in League Two between
2001 and 2007, they had ONE good run of results and got
promoted because of it.
We were drawn against them in the Playoffs that year. We had been in the top seven since the second week of the season, Bristol Rovers by this point they had been in League Two for six seasons and the only time in those six seasons that they looked more than midtable also rans was in the final few weeks of the 2006/7 season. Then, one good run in six years later and their fans turn into a big bunch of twats. All of a sudden they're giving the "we're a big club" bollocks and the normally friendly fans next to the away end at the Memorial Stadium start throwing stuff into the away end when they score.

Outside the ground wasn't much better as again, the normally friendly Bristol Rovers fans just starting threatening our group, even though we were simply walking back to the car.

I can accept that over the two legs we lost, but their fans just suddenly turned into the biggest set of dicks ever. They made out that they had long deserved a promotion out of that division, a strange claim for fans who had spent most of the time in those six years watching their club battle relegation.

Carlisle United

A few of you may look at this one and think that they haven't done anything that would really upset Lincoln, and to be fair, for the majority they have done precisely nothing again our club......except for 2003/4.

The Imps went there late on in the season and despite league positions, Lincoln were surprisingly second favourites against the team in the relegation zone due to their form. Although it wouldn't have doomed them, a defeat for Carlisle would have made it exceedingly difficult for them to survive. City went on to win 2-0 with goals from Peter Gain and Mark Bailey, but it was an incident between the two goals that saw me gain a severe disliking for Carlisle.

In the ground there was nothing untoward. Carlisle fans have always been passionate about their team and have one of the best atmosphere I have known, however, it was only when I had bought the video that I realised something that was chanted at Keith Alexander.

Just weeks after Keith had returned from his time off due to brain surgery, he was objecting to a decision from the referee (very unlike Keith!!!) and on the video you could quite clearly make out a large group of Carlisle fans chanting "You're Supposed to Be Deceased!"

I was disgusted and I wasn't in the slightest bit disappointed when they were relegated just a few weeks later.

AFC Halifax

The most recent addition to this list as before this season, I again quite liked Halifax.....notice how I used the past tense with "liked"? They had a reputation of building themselves up to be far better than they were, developing them the name of MassiveFax.

Lincoln played Halifax in an FA Cup qualifying tie and the first game was relatively close, both sides had
The Shay, home of the MassiveFax.
chances to win the game, but reading Halifax's forum and the subsequent comments from their players you would think that they were effectively camped in our half for the entire game. The winners were drawn to face Walsall at home and I went on the Walsall forum to see their reaction to the draw, and there were Halifax fans on there who were trying to organise a big meet up with Walsall fans for WHEN (and they actually said when, not if) they beat us.

Despite the fact he plays for a club that has never played above the Blue Square North, AFC Halifax's goalkeeper then claimed that we were tiny compared to them. The arrogance of everyone to do with their club really left a bitter taste in my mouth and despite their claims that they would easily win the replay, all their comments about how we couldn't possibly compete with them and their general "we've already won" attitude......we won 2-0.

I love beating clubs who talk as though they've already beaten you. If it's a big club, as in an actual big club, then I don't mind them talking about it being a relatively easy game, but to have that from AFC Halifax is taking the piss a bit.

Hull City

Where do I begin with Hull City? With their thugs that they have as fans, the fact that they only used to average 3,000odd fans when they were battling relegation to the Conference and yet now somehow have 18,000 "loyal fans", their attitude of being a massive club when they were in what is now League Two, I could go on for some time.

Hull fans are thugs, plain and simple. When we became the first side to win at the KC Stadium their fans were standing on a bridge and proceeded to throw stuff at the fans coaches as we tried to leave.

I first really become aware of the arrogance of Hull fans around 12 years ago when, whilst still a relatively new regularly attender of Imps games (I started coming regularly in 2000/1), I joined their forum. Whilst everything was fine at first as the season was over (I had joined after a 1-1 draw on the final day of the 2001/2 season), as soon as the next season started they were yet again failing to live up to their tag of pre-season favourites for the title, laying in lower midtable, and their fans soon started harpering on about how big they were because they were in a shiny new stadium. Yeah, great, you have a 25,000 capacity stadium that holds a lower-midtable Division 3 (as it was known that) football club.

When Hull got promoted to the Premiership in 2008 I was disgusted that some Lincoln fans were saying that they were pleased that Hull were doing well. I found it absolutely ridiculous to be pleased for your local rivals doing well, especially local rivals that were as generally dislikeable as Hull.

Kettering Town

Until about 4 years ago I actually quite liked Kettering, they were a team that were sort of local without actually being local and we regularly played them in friendlies, however, the entire relationship between the clubs changed in an FA Cup match in 2008.
Imran Ladak, has pretty much single handledly ruined what had been
a healthy relationship between Lincoln and Kettering.

Lincoln made the trip to Rockingham Road in the first round to be fair to them, Kettering battered us that game and we were fortunate to get away with a replay (a replay that we eventually lost), but it was events off the field that left a bitter taste in the mouth as all staff involved with Lincoln alleged that a Kettering fan had racially abused the Lincoln staff, and this claim was backed up by the fourth official. What followed though was everyone from Kettering acting as if it was an impossibility for any of their fans to be racist and it all turned into a farce.

The case even went to court but the fan got off due to a lack of evidence, but after that whole incident the two clubs never saw eye to eye. When the club sacked Peter Jackson we talked about Mark Cooper (the then Kettering manager) as his replacement, Imran Ladak (Kettering chairman at the time) came out and declared us as being obsessed with their football club, and all in all the whole thing just went from one ridiculous moment to another.

Normally I feel sorry for a football club who go through major financial struggles that sees them fall rapidly through the divisions.......I made an exception for this club.

Nuneaton Town

It wasn't until the 90th minute in November 2010 that I grew a severe dislike for Nuneaton. Like most underdogs in cup competitions, it doesn't matter how they performed in reality, they always think they did better than what they actually did, and this was definitely the case for a Nuneaton side that barely troubled the Imps in an FA Cup tie. The Imps hadn't really played well either, but thankfully a 90th minute winner for the Imps from Albert Jarrett sent City through...and that's when the trouble started. Nuneaton's bunch of sore-losers that they call fans decided to try and charge into the home end to cause trouble....and they then had the nerve to blame our fans for the trouble, even though our fans had definitely not initiated the trouble.

Then step forward to the recent league game and much the same thing. After the game Nuneaton fans were saying that it was all Lincoln fans who were causing trouble in the town centre and being violent, all the while painting the picture that their fans were saints. Nuneaton fans soon went very quiet when it was revealed that none of the numerous arrests made on the day were Lincoln fans.

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